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    Hey all... I have been working on my website now for a few weeks and this is what I have so far. Most images are stock photos found online until I can actually take personal photos of similar images to make them my own! Everything is pretty much filled in and I will be "tweaking" over the months to come.

    Let me know what you think! Letting me know of errors would be great but dont blast me too hard!!!

    (im pretty sure all links are working correctly too.... except the email form on the bottom of each page... Im killing that soon... serves no purpose)

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    The template looks nice.

    I was just checking out your source code... Do you have a Content Management System like Wordpress for your blog?


    You should favorite this page, as you further develop your site.

    It looks like your website is trying to use HTML5 and CSS, but you have some old-school code.
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      Yeah I looked for clean template and this was one of my favorite to work off of. I was wondering how you found it then I noticed I didn't even bother looking at the CSS! Thanks!

      I'm not going to use WordPress or anything because I really wont be BLOGGING on much! It will more or less be an update page every once in a while. Not a big deal.

      Thanks for the validator page!


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        Your site looks nice.

        You can use wordpress even if you don't plan on blogging. You can set up a bunch of static pages and it seems to set things up pretty well for search engine optimization.
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          Thanks Guys!

          Ill Look into Wordpress!


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            Hey, your website seems to be down! I went to check it out and ???


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              Hey, your website seems to be down! I went to check it out and ???
              Thanks for letting me know! I went to my host and one of their service is down.... happens to be the one im on! Thanks for the note!


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                I see its up! Looks great! I saw a few typo's but the layout looks nice. Keep up the good work.


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                  Looks good! How's you SEO going?


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                    SEO is going OK, working on making it better. The website shows up on page 2 or 3 when searching "lawn care (city)" "gardeners in (city)" etc.

                    Page 1 and most of page 2 of google is full of the high paying sites like,,, google places,, etc. My site comes up right after that.

                    I don't pay for SEO or PPC. I post my business on these free directory sites and I rank high on them. Usually my listing in one of the directories will come up on page 1 usually on Thumbtack, manta and/or yp.

                    I post articles in the blog section of my site with keywords to target the search terms that i want to come up in, like "top ten fall maintenance tips in (city), (neighborhood).

                    Its a new site so over time and with more posts i think it will get better


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