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  • My new website

    I got my site up and running! I am new to web design and have learned a lot in the process of setting it up. Still have to do some editing on some of the links, but let me know what you guys think.

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    Pros: Very Professional, Simple but says a lot. Organized. Cons: id think about changing the font in your logo to something more fitting with the leaf, and the white square behind it looks like your copied & paste it right out of paint....maybe tone it down with a gray or the same color as the background. Nice Job!


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      looks great. no complaints here. the white in the logo and the font are kind of boring, but that will come around in time.

      check out for logo work. 5 bucks. only if you're interested, that is. the logo you have is fine as is, just a little MS Paint looking, but few people will have that hard of a look at it.


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        how you doing buddy, i like your new page but, i notice something, in it that could hurt you in the long run, i just want to make a constructive input, no and im not hating that front pic u have belongs to a pretty big guy, i do not have a web site yet. i belive u should try to put some of ur work on it but im just saying.

        i do like the way is build


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          yes, i dont like the use of "stock images" myself, either. i knew that wasn't his work.

          include your own work. people will bite even if it's smaller scale. if you need higher quality pictures, start asking friends what MP rating their android/iphone cameras are.

          believe it or not, these phones now take incredible, HD pictures that look very professional for what they are.

          where i live, i know a lot of old friends who got into photography who would help if i asked them. think about old friends on facebook and see if someone can help. wave a flag, not on your company facebook page, but your personal page, asking for people who do photos to help you out.


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            Thanks for the input guys. I have used fiverr before for another business and will try them again. I forgot about that site. That is a stock photo I ripped off the web. I definitely plan to put my own photo out there soon.


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