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    Alright. I will be the proud owner of two domain names.

    My name competitor is going to be really angry when he finds out, LOL.

    I'm sure he accidentally forgot to pay to keep it (as he still advertises it as his website), or I scared him off from using a website as my .ca was more popular in the search results.

    I don't believe that I can get into any trouble, lets say, if he wanted his website domain back? LOL.

    I could always sell it for a brand new mower

    Costing me an additional $13.99 per year. Not bad.


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      I have gotten two emails now, from;

      Wouldn't it be easier / cheaper to just contact the host (GoDaddy) of the domain?

      The email from 'fast name trade';

      So she's currently, "CONSIDERING"? Wtf, lol... Scam or what, trying to act as if it's not in her best interest to sell it to me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
      I have been getting the same thing.... I just hit delete button


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        The register will hold it for a month or so after it expires. After that you can register it for the normal price.

        I would get the com and redirect it to your site. It takes two seconds to do and you wont lose any pagerank that you would if you moved. Then you get the added benefit of having both.


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          Please be advise that after registering a domain name, it will be active within 24-48 hours, as it takes time for the new information to propagate to all of the DNS servers around the world. Please try accessing your domain after the specified time.
          ^ Just waiting for this shenanigans. I own the domain now. Once it's active, I'll re-direct it.

          feels good.


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