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BORED, built a site from scratch!

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  • BORED, built a site from scratch!

    It's not perfect yet, but this is what I've come up with sofar..

    The nav bar links are useless at the moment!

    Please note, I do understand that I am missing some crucial coding to actually consider this a legit site LOL.


    Works best in chrome/firefox... forget about IE hahaha!

    damn this was a fun night... time for bed (8:23AM)

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    Not bad. When you say "from scratch" what exactly do you mean?

    One thing that you should always remember when making a website. And this is simply a tip, I'm not directing anything at you. Just some words of wisdom.

    When you guys go to your website do a few things...

    Look at your site, what catches your attention? Is it what you want the focus point to be?

    Many businesses confuse a website with an information center. Here is the harsh truth. When someone goes to your website they either

    1. Found you online, via facebook or whatever means.

    Now this is crucial. Think about this. The entire goal of a website is TO GET THEM TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU! If they visit your homepage and it's full of descriptive services and whatnot, your screwed...forget about them calling.

    You want a website that baits them. People want to know what your selling, and how much it is...that's it....(99% of the time). That being said people like visuals. We are far too lazy to read anymore. We want a quick solution we want to be able to look at some quick pictures and a quick scan of what services you offer and that's it. Attention spans nowadays are getting shorter and shorter.

    2. They already know about you and are just sort of "checking in"

    Again, bait....we need to bait them. Lets say you already have a contract with a guy for his lawn. But one day his old lady is gone and he's "surfing the internet" He decides to visit your website.

    Now, the objective is to upsell him. He already does business with you but how can we get him to do MORE?...BAIT HIM...same as selling to the same Joe Blow we spoke about in #1. He may see pictures of some bed work that you previously did and it may catch his interest just enough to call you to ask "HOW MUCH YOU CHARGE".

    So why am I rambling again?....

    I see way too many business owners putting too much information on their website. And the sad thing is...."Web Developers" are doing the same thing.

    Here is an example of our website.

    If you visit this page I want you to see what catches your attention. Now...our website is a little bit different. We HAVE to give some description as to what we are selling because I work in an industry that no one knows anything about

    If you visit our page you will see the strong focal point is the big banners at the top of the page followed by the port folio bar.

    WHY? because our website's purpose is to present what we are selling, show what kind of work we can do, and get them to CALL for more info.

    I'm not tooting my own horn here..I'm showing an example of a website that has been created strictly to convert. We have split tested this thing down to the last comma. Use it as a visual when creating your own websites!

    Welp...That's my tip of the day. Keep on chugging bud. Your off to a good start
    Mitch Howard - Internet Consultant -

    I'm here to help and answer any questions that I can about your business's online presence.


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