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2 new sites to help you with your SEO links.

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  • 2 new sites to help you with your SEO links.

    I have opened up 2 new sites that will help with your link building.

    Site 1 is a Document sharing site. What you do here is create a PDF article of some sort with links to your site in the article. The easiest way I have found to create this for FREE is with Google Docs. Create the document and then export it as a PDF. You then take this file and upload it to the document sharing site. When you do this the document will appear on the site with links to you. Document sharing sites are highly valued by the search engines these days and a lot of the times can outrank your site for easy keywords.

    Site 2 is a microblog site. Microblogs are becoming more and more powerful. In this site you create a short blog post of 1500 characters or less and of course link to your site in the post. An added bonus with this is that if you login using your facebook account, whatever you post here will also post to your facebook wall. If you fave a post on the microblog it will like it on facebook. If you delete a post it will delete it from facebook. Think of this site as Twitter on steroids. Twitter is a microblog that limits the posts to 140 characters.

    I bought the second domain because it had expired and that it already has a DMOZ listing. Both of these will help to diversify the types of links you have linking to your sites. Both of these sites are brand new and over the next few months you are going to see a lot of activity on there because of some SEO service companies that will be using them.

    I am not trying to make these sites explode like twitter or the others but the content will explode in a very short period of time. Use them for FREE as part of your SEO link building strategy.

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    You can now connect your Facebook and Twitter to your account.


    Click on Register
    Create an account normally
    click login
    In the lower menu click on facebook
    Click on Login with Facebook
    Follow the instructions in the window to allow the application on FB
    Associate Facebook with the account you created
    Click Login
    Lower menu click Twitter
    click on login with twitter
    Follow the instructions to allow the application to work with twitter
    Associate twitter with the account that you created.

    Now when ever you post to this site it also posts to twitter and facebook.


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