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  • How's this look?

    Posted earlier this year, starting out as a new business, this is my first year going at it hard. Just re-designed my site, how's it look?

    Any feedback would be great.


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    Looks great. I like the background color you used. One thing you may want to add in your photo section, is pictures with sidewalks and driveways in the pictures so people can see a good clean cut edges.


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      Yeah, I was thinking about that. I service the higher end neighborhood in my town, we don't have sidewalks up here, but the driveways and walkways are good. I just wish I had a property that had a curved driveway, that would look sweet.


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        Good job John.

        Getting a website up is really important. As you go, you can add to it.

        Something you may want to try in the future is using the wordpress blog software to create your website. Then you could add new pages as you worked on new projects and it would help you display the page in a way that is search engine friendly. This will help you in your search engine ranking.
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