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    I use HostGator, they have awesome support.

    Other than that you can check out my site, its below in my siggy.
    (352)682-3094 Suwannee River, Florida 32680

    Visit my site,, Thanks!


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      Here is the testing rundown... I am using the times that I posted in this thread as a reference.

      Site posted online at 12:27 am on 2/15

      First hyperlink added in this thread at 8:44 pm on 2/16
      A few hours later on 2/17 at 12:10 am here were the standings

      Now at this time here are the standings after I added the second link in this thread the page went from 100 to 18. This is with only on-page seo and 2 links to the page. You can not even get to it from the home page of the site unless you go through the site map.

      Less than 48 hours, this page is #3 for one of the keywords. Not the site but a single page. I did this to prove a point because the content on the page is crappy and that what I know about getting sites ranked works and is proven.

      Granted this was a simple area to target but there is no reason you can not dominate your market.

      50% of the worlds population under 30 has access to the internet. It is way higher than that in the United States and Canada. How is that gong to affect how you advertise in the future?

      You can either lead the way or you can catch up because I guarantee you that young kid with lots of ambition will be shooting for the web domination if they can. As you age you are going to have to compete with the younger generation wanting their bite.

      I want my business to get to the point that I am rarely needed. If I want to take a day and go fishing so be it. You can't do that with free advertising and a cheap look.

      I have a friend that has been in the lawn care business for a few years and he named his company after his last name.... In my opinion the name is corporate sounding in nature and bleeds "they are big enough to do my work". Sounds like he is a big corporate conglomerate.

      The Mastin Company is the name. Does not say anything about lawn care or landscaping. He is in the process of having a web site built because he finally realized what he was missing out on. This guy is going to be huge in his area.

      I just built a site for Horizon Stain & Seal in Knoxville and 1 week after turning the site on he landed a 1k+ stone sealing job. Another friend has quotes out for 45 and 30k deck and fence staining jobs for condos because we have him all over the first 2 pages of his local area.

      The work is there, you just have to be Horshack going Oh oh oh pick me! The more that you appear on the front 2 pages the more you are going to look like the authority in the area.
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        The only thing I understood up there ^^^ was the Welcome Back Kotter reference.


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          WOW that really makes you think!

          How can business owners review such a report for their website? And what should they be looking for?
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            The only thing this report does is tell you where you stand in the search rankings. Basically it goes out and looks for your site within the results. I usually set it for 1000 for the first time since that is the max any search engine will return to you. so if you were to do the same search in your browser and look through all the pages you would find yours at the same location.

            there are a number of different applications that will do this for you but you have to buy it. As far as what to look for, there is nothing other than the standings.


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