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    What y'all think?!?!

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    I think it is a great start, good job.


    1. Make payment easier. I see that you accept paypal, however you are directing your clients to go to then log into an account then add your email and amount. Simplify your process by creating a form to go right on your site. Or make a link that they can click on and fill out the amount at least.

    2. Your home page needs some more attention to the fact that you are a lawn care company. Perhaps a nicely manicured lawn photo? The info is great but nobody will read on if they think they are in the wrong place.

    3. Cool it on the key word stuffing. I am full just from reading them...stick to what you why do you have

    walk behind, walk-behind, exmark, redmax, stihl, echo, great dane, john deere, troy-bilt, toro, husqvarna, scag, gravely, lesco, velke, sulky, kohler, kawasaki
    in there?

    4. Expand a little bit on your description.

    Fresh Cut is a full service lawn maintenance company.
    add your main service areas in there and you'll be surprised how it helps your SERPS.

    Keep up the good work!


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      Thanks, great advice!

      What's SERPS?

      About the pic on the home page, I know.... I thought about that too, but I GOT NO MORE PICS.
      I got a disposable with a few from this past season, I think, but even that only has like 4 pics. And grass in Atlanta is mostly all weeds now or all brown.

      I've also been told I need to photoshop the pics I do have on my Photo Gallery page. I have photoshop, I just don't know how to use it . It's so complex.


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        SERPS = Search Engine Ranking Positions / Search Engine Results Page...really depends on who you ask.

        And if you need any help optimizing photos let me know...I have been know to be handy at this stuff


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          I like it

          looks good


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            Another way to have customers use Pay Pal

            Hey just want to throw my 2 cents in about PayPal and what we use.

            PayPal also has where you can send your customer a invoice.

            This way it goes directly to the customers email they click the link in the Email and it directs them thru the steps for you. I know it may be an extra couple of steps but I like the fact that I can sit down to the PC and make out all the invoices at one time and I didnt have to place a link or cart on my website.


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              Just wanted to warn you that you got your before and after mixed up in your photos section.. Dont want ppl thinking you make lawns worse haha
              Just Kut Lawn and Landscape
              "Where Service is Always in Season"
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                Just wanted to warn you that you got your before and after mixed up in your photos section.. Dont want ppl thinking you make lawns worse haha
                look again


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                  Easy with the mad frowny face there boss man, lol
                  I see what he is saying by the pics look backwards, you know what you did in those pics to improve the property.

                  The average person is not going to take more than a couple seconds to look at the pics, at a quick glance my first take was wow, it does look worse,

                  After looking closer, i can see bushes that were trimmed, little pinestraw thrown down,

                  Might have been taken with different camera or different settings, something of that nature.

                  I would get those pics fixed, colors inhanced, something.

                  But i do like the simplicity of the site, not to much junk, its here is who i am , what i offer, give me a call.

                  Good job
                  Welcome Advise, Incourage comments, and never stop Cutting. Geoff<img src="">


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                    I didn't mean anything by the mad smiley, or like you said, frowny.

                    But yeah, I'ma send the pics to a member that offered to help me because Photoshop is complex.

                    I'm sending emails in a few.

                    Thanks everybody for the feedback!


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                      here ya go
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