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Grub Control Season!! These will help you sell it!!

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  • Grub Control Season!! These will help you sell it!!

    The postcards below can also be done in a door hanger as well. These are on special for the next 30 days so if you are interested contact me, and we can go over all the details. As you can see they can be doe as a mailer or a hand out.


    Lawn Care Designs and Printing. Postcards, Door Hangers, Brochures, Business Cards, and Logos. Or anything else you might need!

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    I posted this in your other post too, but I think it still applies.


    Thanks for posting the cards and your special.

    Many new lawn care business owners may not know when is the best time range to be putting together their grub control cards and shipping them out. What date range would you suggest they do this and when should the customer be getting these cards?

    What advice do you have on this?
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