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David needs a logo for Grass Patrol Landscaping

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  • David needs a logo for Grass Patrol Landscaping

    I'm David and I recently started my lndscaping busniess GRASS PATROL LANDSCAPING. I've got my truck signs made, and busniess cards. Currently having 10 yard signs made. But thedesign I have is kinda boring it's a white back ground with green lettering, with a sheriff star in middle with Grass Patrol inside of it. I'll try to post some pics. But I was wanting something to really stand out. Maybe turning my truck into a Patrol truck *with flashing DOT lights on top, a Badge on each side maybe, and bright colors. I even thought about designing my equiptment to match IDK is that to much

    \"Grass Patrol Landscaping\"

    -22'' Snapper self propelled Walkbehind
    -Echo Straight shaft Brush Trimmer
    -Roybi Straight shaft Trimmer w/Edger attachment
    -Poluan 16'' Wood Shark Chainsaw
    -Toro 150mph BackPack Blower

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    Hello David,

    I cant tell you whether that is to much stuff going on or not.. but I can tell you that I can help with the graphics. Especially the signs and business cards. I have never designed anything for cars or trucks, but I'm sure I could learn

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