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    Thank you GRAPHIC GUYS for trying to help me get a logo company banner and all the stuff I order every year, but I just think it is very unprofessional of these graphic companies selling and promoting their businesss here and they can't even reply 1 time to a post I put out asking for help either yes or no sorry can't help call this guy or anything, but not replying. I feel this is just wrong and bad business.

    Last summer I orderd 48 t-shrits paid 7$ each and in the fall 6 winter jackets 57$ ea, and 24 hoody pull-over sweat shirts at 26 ea,

    Generic yard signs and truck graphics 687$

    And have more in the budget for this year with a complete overhaul of our signage, truck graphics and equipment graphics not to mention a whole new set of uniforms T's, Polo's, Oxfords.

    So I guess I don't spend ENOUGH MONEY to get one of these guys to accept my money or my account or I just don't understand that they don't do this type of work, and I would be good with that if someone would have JUST replied letting me know this.

    YES! I am very disapointed and WAS trying to get 4 other friends of mine to come to one of these guys for service they were waiting to see what mine would look like.

    Thanks for all the HELP!

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    Tim, I can tell you of someone in my town, that will ship, they have some EXCELLENT work, their website is

    They wrap and do signage for just about everyone here in my town, and they are the PRO'S!

    Hope this might help.


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      I for the most part stay in the sign section of the forum...with the exception of deleting spam, we are more than happy to help you. Just send an email with what you are looking for and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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        Hey Cool Thanks Andy for the info I'll be sure and call them for this project.


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          Hi Tim:

          Tony at AMW was very responsive to me working up a price list for a project I hope will come to fruition later this year.

          He probably spent a good 30 minutes to an hour researching materials and costs for me.

          I feel if he gets an email from you he will be quick to least, that's my experience.

          There's always the potential for a break down in communication.

          Do you remember what Sheriff Bufford T. Justice said in Smokey and the Bandit?

          "What we have here is a failure to communicate."


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