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  • Question from Pamper My Grass

    This is a quote from PamperMy Grass, made in another thread.

    Quote[/b] ]hi evey one im new to this site

    i was hoping to get some help from you guys

    i have dream weaver 8 software for building web site and yes i suck at it but im trying so if any one can help with step by steps or images code

    that would be great
    Well lets start from the beginning. What are you working on and where are you getting stuck?
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    Are you using, and do you understand tables? It was my first mistake I had no idea of their importance. Im a novice at the program also, but your more than welcome to send me an email with your questions and I can try to answer them the best I can.

    Its best to get a hold of me through the side below.
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