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    two marketing ideas I have.
    First is the dandelion leaves "dying" as they get near the free weed removal bit I'm hoping at 600 DPI on glossy it'll look like there's leaves on the paper, eye catching? Anyone with image manipulation knowledge know how to make them really pop?

    The second is the little flag bit. I bought a ton of little flags and I stick 'em in the flower beds and the customers usually like them. branding of sorts.

    Anyways I know this is FAR from perfect so what d you think should change or go?
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    I like it. I think you should experiment with it and see what kind of responses you get.

    You could also market to half your area with this flyer and then alter one element of it and then market the other half with the altered flyer. See which one pulls in more responses then repeat the process again.

    Could you also put a business card in the stick of the flag so if anyone is walking by and sees it, they can get the business card? Would that be helpful?
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      Add a slight bevel to the leaves, then add a shadow.


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        I was bored testing out my new video editing software, I made you some leaves if you want LOL

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          Steve, Maybe I can make a little box to keep em dry and attack to the flag.

          I will do just that bevel and shadow, thanks scott.


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            Here is an actual example I made

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              Added 3d rotation, and darker shadow

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                a little bit of basic image editing skills goes a long way when it comes to marketing. learn drop shadow for text & images in photoshop. also learn to "free transform" to resize images on the fly when making flyers.

                if you dont use photoshop, look into paint dot net for windows. it's pretty easy to use/learn and looks like MS Paint. (the paint program in windows)



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                  I use Gimp and I'm going to see if it can do bevel and shadow it looks 1000% better. if worst comes to worst Gimp can export images as PSD.


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                    gimp will do just fine if you are proficcient with it.

                    the way it panels the work area from the options bothers me, but it is very powerful.

                    i am an experienced linux/unix (mac/other) operator. nice to hear Gimp here, I was going to suggest it but figured us all to be windoze goons.

                    no need to export to PSD unless youre going to run photoshop in a windows environment or in WINE, but wine sucks junk.


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                      That's an amazing flyer, I don't have any programs for making flyers except for Microsoft Word as its the only one I know how to use, plain looking flyers is all I can make. I'm in the process of creating one for my lawn service I'll be starting soon, so be looking for it..probably won't be hard considering it will look kind of bland. LOL.


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