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  • Need Logo? Perfect logo shop

    This is one of the best places to get a logo -

    You can either commission a competition for designers to build you a custom logo or you can browse the logo store to find existing logos - search "lawn" or "leaf" this is where I got one of my logo's.

    For the competition, it's $300 but you will get over 100 submissions from designers that will create a logo based on your criteria. You can then pick the top ones you like and have them modify accordingly (my good friend just did this and it worked well)

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    I hate spec work. I don't work for free and I would never expect free work from anyone. It's akin to slavery and I find it unethical.

    I'd much rather look at perspective designers online portfolio and decide if they've got what it takes and commission one directly. Unfortunately, most that consider themselves designers are really awful artists.
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      You're entitled to your opinion.
      I find it to be a great opportunity and have had great results.


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