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  • new - logo - thoughts?

    ok, you would think that with my graphics background i would come up with something more exciting. well i didnt on purpose maybe i am crazy.

    no offense to everyone, but there is jose's lawn care, quality yard service, aaa lawn works, etc. everything has a personalized name. this is good, but my thought was to be something very general. and something not with my name in it so that i can maybe sell it. who knows.

    i believe that as simple as my branding is, visually it will be memorable. i wanted a simple clean "1-800-flowers" or fedex look. however, if anyone is looking for me online, there is going to be little to no chance of anyone finding me by chance. i dont really understand how searches work, but one for lawn care would turn up dozens to hundreds no matter what city your in.

    and i really like the inc version better for a strong "presence" but maybe its not worth it just for that.

    anyway, i would like yalls thoughts.

    thanks in advance.
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    oh, i am still a bit freaky about posting personal stuff. thats not my name or number or web address. but that is my business name and "tag line"


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      I like the name and layout.
      BTW it's funny that you think that posting your name and # is a problem, you will lose that after hanging 1,000 door hangers and posting on c-list 50+ times


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        Wait a minute... do you have a name yet, or not?

        You can't just make a logo based on a name that you may, or may not be able to use. Well, I mean you "can", but why waste the time doing so if you're not sure you can USE it?

        And the "INC" thing isn't something you can just add because it sounds good. Pretty sure you'd have to BE incorporated - maybe I'm wrong.

        I didn't want to go the cheap/easy way and use my name either. Coming up with a good name that isn't already registered is the tough part.


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          i own both lawn care and lawn care inc as DBAs.

          Lawn Care is what my name is. the legal Inc may come later.

          the tax office almost had a fit becuase i wanted "lawn care inc" as a DBA. they were not not sure about me "circumventing" the state incorporation process. yes yes i knwo this does not mean i am incorp. and still must go through the state before "lawn care" can become an INC legally. but still i considered making the inc version anyway and just wait till someone called me on it. i still ahve to talk to an attorney and see if there are any legal issues with it. i dont want to risk too much.

          anyway. outside of the inc legal issues i wondered what yall think.

          i think the Inc version gives it a bit more punch. but thats me


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            crap I saw this but didn't post my thoughts!

            Well I'm back. I love it.

            ^ has my vote. Great font. Clean look.

            Phone number might need a black outline though so it'll pop and be more visible. I have an idea for that...

            Make a black line/rectangle on the bottom, and put your info text in it, in white.
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              Nice penmanship cheese! That's not a bad idea. One of the earlier version had a Blk border on bottom, but it wasn't as small. I'm going to have another look this evening when I get home. If its reversed out, it won't need to be as large.


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                I like it BUT......
                I don't know if you will be able to register just "Lawn Care".
                I do believe it tells you in the paper work about nonspecific names are not allowed.
                I do believe you could register a numbered company and then operate under "Lawn Care".
                as I said above I like the Logo but I think it was to simple of a name, I'm not sure if it would really stick in someones mind.
                I am a believer of something that stands out or has an ability to stick in someone mind like "Breeze" or "Oak Leaf" of my favorite "Justin Time"


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                  I really like that logo and it would look fantastic on the side of a white truck! Nice work!
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                    If you are going to use "Lawn Care" why not try to work your location into it as well?
                    Evansville Lawn Mowing
                    Newburgh Lawn Care


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                      I also think that your business name should not be called lawn care. It's kind of wierd when someone asks your customer "who did your lawn?" Then the customer replies and says "lawn care". Just a little akward. But I like the presentation of the white and green. Will these be made into a business card or is the entire thing your logo?

                      Curtis Michael
                      The Grounds Crew
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                        Thanks for the input.

                        Yes, the DBA of lawn care is mine. They didn't seem to have an issue.

                        One of my concerns was indeed that the name was too generic. But, hopefully presented the way I have, it has nice clean simple punch to it. I was designed specifically to be like, bam! LAWNCARE, the end. Not speedy lawn service or Sally's mow and go. Those work great to, I am just trying to be completely different than the other 10000 companies in my area. I don't know if this is really foolish, or clever. I guess time will tell.

                        I made up my door hanger last night. I'll post it this evening after work. It's not super jazzy, but simple and clean.

                        Thanks again


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                          I can see this going into a who's on first skit.

                          Potential Customer: Your lawn looks nice, who did it?

                          Customer: Lawn Care

                          Potential Customer: Umm, ok, Which lawn care company?

                          Customer: Just Lawn Care.

                          Potential Customer: Oh ok cool, Just Lawn Care, I'll have to call them.

                          Customer: No not Just Lawn Care, just, lawn care.

                          Potential Customer: Argh, what is the name of the company.

                          Customer: Lawn Care.

                          Potential Customer: Which Lawn Care?

                          Customer: It's just Lawn Care.

                          If I was in your area I would become Just Lawn Care, no advertising, just "word of mouth"


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                            lol. i can see it too. that is my only concern with the name. thats why i am going to incrporate so "lawn care Inc" becomes more of a solid name.


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                              the earlier version had a Blk border on bottom, but it wasn't as small. I'm going to have another look this evening when I get home. If its reversed out, it won't need to be as large.

                              Why would you want it smaller? its true as they say the bigger the better I love seeing my competition driving next to me on the freeway and I look over and their logo is tiny very busy hard to read way too much stuff to read, KISS is best. Keep It Simple Stupid but big let people know your there and who you are. you have a lot of door space fill it up with a good size readable logo. and dont hide the number my number on my trucks are just as wide as the logo in itself. hence as they are driving they need to see it in order to call you as your driving by..



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