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    Nice work on the letter. Keep us posted on the feedback you get from it.
    Hey Steve,

    I didn't think that the letter was going to do much, but I was wrong. As soon as we started getting nice weather here, things have just took off. So far out of the 87 I've got jobs lined up for 37 of them. Crazy thing is that the majority of the work doesn't involve mowing. Trust me I love doing big jobs because that's where the big money is at, but I didn't expect this. Jobs include: Clean-ups; Sodding; Retaining walls (9 of them); Power washing and others. The more work that I took on though, the further I had to push jobs off and the customers still want me to do the work. The guy yesterday I bid on for a retaining wall I told him that I'm booked for a month, but I'd get to it as soon as I could and he was ok with it. I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. Just thinking of all the work I have to do seems like a ton. Since I started last June I wanted a ton of customers right from the get go, but now that I have all these jobs to do....I guess I can't complain. I will keep you posted and although I don't always find time to get on the site, I'll be posting all new job photos on my facebook page:

    Talk to you later

    Some of my work! "Like" my page.


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      That is great news! Can you imagine if you had sent this letter out to others in your area? WOW! You are going to have to hire some crews soon!
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        The card is EXCELLENT ! great idea on the back side too.


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