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    I agree the black in your business name makes it really stand out.
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      Hey everyone! I just got back my first set of revisions on my logo. Just wondering what you all thought of these? Thanks again for all your help!
      Hi Buddy,

      If you don't mind me asking, who did you use for these? They did a great job!



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        Revised logos

        Thanks everyone! Hi matt! Yes they did turn out good, and they are quick! Plus they have a guarantee! I got them from I opted for the $125 package. They give you unlimited revisions, and once it is final they make a biz card template a letterhead and ad template. I think it is pretty good for the money!


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          #16 is on the right track.

          The use of that "stylized" font for your name looks better than just the heavy "normal looking" font, BUT I think it's a bit "lost", and needs to be enlarged a bit so it doesn't have to "compete" with "Landcare".
          Landcare is a "descriptive" term, and the focus should be on the first part of the name.

          Ex. My name is Oak Leaf Lawn Service. I wouldn't want my name to be viewed as:

          Oak Leaf
          LAWN SERVICE

          I'm not sure about the designs with the leaf added on... I'll look at it again later. Sometimes it helps to step away and come back. Also, if you print them out, try printing them at different sizes an looking at them from varying distances/angles to get a feel for how they may "read" on a shirt, or vehicle, etc...
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            Revised logos

            Thanks Hedge! I think you are right. I need to make adjustments to the size of my name. I think the leaf that is incorporated is growing on me, when people see it from a distance it gives the impresion that I deal with outdoor care. Thankyou for all of your input! You have great insight!


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              The colors on 14 & 18 are good - others seem kind of flat but I agree with Hedge on 16.
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