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Truck magnets - Need your opinion

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  • Truck magnets - Need your opinion

    Let me know what you think.

    If that space if big enough, I will apply My Take a Card right in that blank spot.

    If I have to, I will re-design it so it will fit (Vistaprint template)
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    Let me know what you think.

    If that space if big enough, I will apply My Take a Card right in that blank spot.

    If I have to, I will re-design it so it will fit (Vistaprint template)
    Two things for what it's worth.

    I prefer the other font you use, it's like blades of grass and looks sharp.....due to your area I wouldn't put the facebook on there...just my opinion.

    I understand it's your dad's truck but here is the feedback from the clients I deal with, they will not hire companies with magnetic signs on trucks as they consider them fly by night.....I have herd this dozens of times.

    Talk to your dad, the vinyl lettering comes off easy and you would never know it was there should you want to remove the lettering.

    My 2 cents...
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      Hi Justin,

      I absolutely love the design and the graphics. That is top notch.

      I do have a question though. Why do you include the facebook image and url? Wasn't your area full of non-internet folks? What's your view on this?
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        I agree with with andy on the vinyl vs. magnets but for a different reason. I had plenty of buisness with my magnets but the stupid things would blow off going down the highway. I have vinyls on my pickup now, I've put them on the windows, doors, bedsides, tailgates, and even on wooden sides and never had a problem. when your ready to update or chage something warm them with a heat gun or a hair dryer and they peel right off.
        Albert Kessinger


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          I agree with both Albert and Andy. I went with vinyl as well, my concern was with the possibility of dirt and stuff getting onto the back of the magnet and scuffing the paint on the door of my truck .... Course if the truck was NOT black I probably would have thought differently.

          I've been extremely happy with the vinyl that I had installed on the side back side windows of my truck.

          Love the design Justin, awesome work!

          Blue's YardFX


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            Yes I understand Vinyl is the way to go



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              If you are stuck on the magnet sign then take it out of the Box logo and change it up a little they can cut the Magnet in any shape too. I have a set of my Logo on magnets. But dot look it !!


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                I agree with the FB thing. I think I would take that off and maybe put your name on it. That way potential customers have a name to ask for and it gives a more personal "feel". I like the idea about having the magnet cut ot a different shape other than square.

                Lets say you mover the mower to the center, raise it up a bit so you can still see the phone #, take your business name and curve it (like a rainbow) over the top of the mower, and then place your name under the banner. With the business name curved above the rest of the design you could have the top of the magnet rounded and this would give it a more professional appearance (IMHO).

                Another option would be to do something like what I described above but just not move the all the way to the center. Maybe even make it smaller so you can place your name on one side of the banner and the phone # on the other. Or, consider, getting interesting and place your name in the small white section that is on the mower handle.....

                Either way, I personally would take the FB logo and addy off, and I think I would consider adding my name if I have enough room.

                Keep us updated,

                PS. we have a few sign guys here on with decent prices and they design for free!


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                  Most of my customers are single moms, a few more than the elderly.

                  Single moms = Facebook... I've looked up a few

                  I don't think it would hurt to put it on there.

                  As for magnets, I think they are cheaper no, & more durable???

                  I'm sure the quality of vista print is better than most companies offer. The magnet should stick on even if your drunk coming home at around 3:45am going 90' in a school zone during a heavy rain storm.

                  Even if it does fall off, it's probably because of the vehicles aerodynamics, maybe you can just peel it off & put it on the back hatch door of the truck... Or something or other...

                  Anyway, It's only a $20.00 chance!

                  I wish you the best of luck! I was going to get a truck magnet as well.


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                    Justin, That Look great!

                    Do what you have to do for now, Just get it going! Magnets are cheap and you change them out and go vinyl when you get your own truck!

                    Very Good!

                    Facebook is great, this way your client can keep in contact with you.
                    Artie Crowley


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                      I Got Magnet on my trailer and love it.

                      Its ''versatile wathever i am Using, the truck the other truck or the trailer even when i went to sale a contract or something, i can stick it to Mom's car and seriously, the client dont realy care i think about if you got magnet or vynil on the rig... havin in good shape equipement and competant personal is a bigger mather. my vision


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