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How to run Gopher on Vista operating system

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  • How to run Gopher on Vista operating system

    My old system burnt up so I had no choice but to buy a new one. this system is running Vista.
    Gopher wont load at all even after changing the compatibility to win98/me. Im 1 week away from start-up and need help fast.

    Thank you for your prompt response


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    Can you verify for us that Interbase (the program that stores the data for Gopher) is running? Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del | Start Task Manager | Services tab, then scroll down and look for InterBaseGuardian and InterBaseServer. If you don't see both services listed, try running the reinstallation for Gopher 2006 again and then restart your computer.

    If that still doesn't work, then right-click on the Gopher 2006 icon on your desktop, click Properties, and change the Target (on the shortcut tab) to the following:
    "C:\Program Files\Ditech\Gopher 2006\Gopher2006.exe" "C:\Program Files\Ditech\Gopher 2006\Gopher2006.gdb" localhost

    Hit OK to save the changes and then double-click on the Gopher icon again.

    Does Gopher load now?


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      Thank you! The updated target link from your post worked!

      Sent an email to follow up

      Thanks again for the prompt support!



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