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  • Service description change

    I have recently changed the service description for my Mowing service under the services menu. My problem is that it hasn't changed for any customers that were already assigned to the service. It works fine for new customers being assigned to it; the only way I can get it to work on older customers is to edit their service and change the service to be something else then change it back to mowing. Since I have nearly 100 customers assigned to the Mowing service it would be a pain in the rear to do that for all. Is there a better way?

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    You can go to the Schedule screen's Job List tab. Then multi-select the jobs you want to update (hold CTRL as you click on each desired job) and click Update Prices. This will change both the description and the price to the latest values from the service screen.


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      I guess in order to do that I have to enter in all of my customers prices in the service window for Mowing. Otherwise everything except the few that I have entered will change to the default $30.