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  • import customers question

    Hi, I am testing out the trial version. So I imported my customer list from Quickbooks, but all the customers transferred (including approximately 200 inactive) with no designation either way. I have numberous customers with multiple properties and they all transferred identicly. I'm trying to go back and edit each one, but I'm getting concerned that I'm picking the right customer ID so that it will link properly with quickbooks in the future, because inactive customers are in there too. If there is no easy way to correct this, then I would just as soon delete the customer list and start over. Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    You can delete the customer list by doing the following:
    1) close Gopher
    2) go to My Computer, C:\Program Files (choose show contents of folder if they're hidden)
    3) right-click on the Ditech folder and choose Delete
    4) Then reinstall Gopher again (download setup_gopher2006.exe from

    Which version of Quickbooks are you using?
    If you're using QB Pro 2003 or newer, you can use the Sync option to do a better job at transferring your information. Let us know if you have any questions about that.


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      Thanks for the reply, I deleted and reinstalled Gopher.

      I am trying the sync option. I downloaded the update to fix the class not recognized error. But now I get an access violation at address 006c7cf9 error. I thought I saw something in the forum about that but after searching for sometime I have not found it again.



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        Which version of Quickbooks are you running?
        Have you tried restarting your computer?
        Is Quickbooks running when you attempt to sync up with it?


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          Hi, My hard drive crashed the first part of Jan and I am just now getting back to this. I have seen enough to know I like the program so I went ahead and purchased it so I could make use of the plus features.

          I am running QB Premier Contractor Edition 2006
          Yes I have tried restarting my computer
          Yes QB is open and running when I sync.

          This time I noticed I was getting error codes referencing QB Pro, was I supposed to choose a version somewhere that I didn't?

          Thanks in advance for your help.


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            Also, Is there search by words option with the forum, or do you just have to keep paging through?


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              I figured out that Gopher didn't like a comma that I had in a customer name. Once that was removed the rest of my customer list came through, but I have the property address as the ship to address in QB and only the billing address comes through with the sync.

              Can you use letters instead of or in addition to numbers in the customer ID?


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                The customer ID field in Gopher must be a number. It will not accept letters or other characters besides numbers.


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