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    Hi, I'm just getting started and would like some clarification before I enter everything and have to redo it. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Is anyone familiar with how QB lists multiple properties for one customer? Well they all transfer as individual customers to Gopher, but, I see there is an option in Gopher for putting multiple locations under one customer. Which way is better? Will it make a difference with the Quickbooks sync? (which I have not been successful with yet due to my many "duplicate names"because only the parent customer names are in the list not the job name) I've been in the process of changing them all manually but then I saw this option and wondered if it makes a difference?

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    Quickbooks wants every customer name to be unique. So if you are going to use a separate customer for each property then just make sure there is at least a slight variation in the customer name.

    The individual properties under a customer record in Gopher are not transferred to Quickbooks. Only the main customer record is transferred. Quickbooks does not know which property a line item is associated with.


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      Okay I have changed them all by adding the property name to the end of the customer names and account names like this
      Property Mgmt Co: Property A

      Do I have to do anything to make sure QB associates it with my existing properties and does not add a new customer?


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        QB will in fact create a new customer for each entry like that. There is no way to have multiple customers in Gopher correspond to a single customer record in QB.


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