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    quick question.. what do i do if my trying to print an invoice for just a specific job. say i have a cut scheduled for a customer but on the same day i have a mulch job for them. i want to print an invoice that day for ONLY the mulch. the customer wants a seperate invoice for the mulch but i still want to bill them for the cuts at the end of the month. can i do this?
    - Dave Vogel
    - Vogel Lawn Service
    - f150 ex. cab with triton v8
    - 6x20 double axle trailer with duel gates
    - 60' exmark lazerZ XS
    - 2 - 52' wright sentar sports
    - 36' and 48' lesco walk behinds
    - 3 redmax EBZ7001 backpack blowers
    - 1 redmax and 3 echo weedwackers
    - stihl stick edger

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    You can just go to the Invoice screen and manually create a new invoice for the mulch job. Just make sure you don't schedule the mulch as well, because there's no way to tell Gopher to generate invoices for a specific customer on a specific day without including all of that customer's jobs for the day.


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