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  • Gopher Palm question

    When I hotsync the jobs over to the palm, then during the day after I finish the job and I enter some info on the comments section within the palm. Then when I get back into the office and hotsync the palm, I can't findthe comments anywhere within the desktop software, I can find the completed job in the schedule area, but no comments that I added during the day to the palm.

    Does it not import all the info from the palm back to the desktop?


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    Both the Job Description and Job Details fields are imported from the Palm back into the Desktop database. But the comment field is not.


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      It would be nice to have the comments uploaded back to the desktop. That would compliment the useablility of the palm.

      Because if I sent the job description & details to the palm for my crew to use, I would not want them to change what I sent to the palm for them to do, however if they have comments about something on the property and enter it into the palm it would be nice to get that back to the office. IF they have to write it down then why not just print out the job sheets and not even use the palm (keeping everything in one place not 2 Palm & paper, either Palm or paper)?

      Just providing some user input (not ranting).


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