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HELP!!! We have an error code appearing

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  • HELP!!! We have an error code appearing

    Help, we have an error code appearing all of a sudden when creating invoices. We purchased the GOPHER program about 3 months ago. Been utilizing the program without much difficulties. Have cycled through the same process for three months. Suddenly now there is an error code when I try to create an invoice that states I/O error for file ......... resched end of file. I tried creating invoices for different regular monthly clients, same thing. I rebooted computer, no change in error code. Help! RDP Lawn

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    It's possible there's a problem with the database file. Try going to File | Backup, set the backup filename to C:\GOPHERBACKUP.ZIP and click Backup. Then go to the Restore Database screen and click Restore. The process of backing up and restoring forces Gopher to try to fix any problems it encounters with the database file. If that doesn't fix it then try going to the Validation tab on the Backup screen, click the Validate button, followed by the Repair Database button.

    Please let us know if that fixes the problem.


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      thank's that did it


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