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Scheduling multiple customers

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  • Scheduling multiple customers

    About 75% of my customers are on a fixed monthly payment in wich I sell 39 cuts per year, is there an easy way to schedule multiple customers without doing each customer individullay adding & deleting the dates I don't need? *We cut weekly April 1st to October 31st, 3 cuts in November & March, & one cut(or clean-up) in Dec. Jan & Feb? Will job series or cluster work for this???
    * * Thanks, *Stodd

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    The Job Series would give you control over how many jobs are done each month, but you can't tell a Job Series to set up up weekly jobs from Apr to Oct. You would have to enter each week individually. The Cluster might be the easiest way to quickly enter a lot of customers, but then you would have to remember to manage the dates carefully.

    You might want to consider scheduling each customer for weekly cuts from March through November. Then what you can do is go the Schedule screen, right-click on the calendar for the week you want to remove and select "Delete all jobs on date X". This will let you thin out the dates early in the season for everyone. Then you can jump ahead to November, select the date you want to skip and choose Postpone. You can then postpone it until December. This will give you your one date in December. Just to play it safe you can Schedule through the end of December and ignore the extra dates that you don't do. Having the extra dates later on the calendar will make it easier to create a single visit in Jan or Feb by using postpone.


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