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  • Issue a refund

    I have a customer who has overpaid and I need to issue a refund to show a balance of 0.
    On the invoice from the "line item - service" window, I tried adding a service type "refund" and entering the amount as negative.
    That corrects the amount on the invoice but it doubles the amount of the + balance that the customer has.
    The payment screen won't let me enter a negative amount or a payout as far as I can tell.

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    Gopher wasn't designed to specifically handle refunds - it simply doesn't track outgoing payments to vendors or customers, etc. But what you can do to correct their balance is to edit the payment that was too high and change it to the new amount. For example, if the paid $100 but you want to show a $25 refund, you can edit the $100 payment and change the payment amount to $75.


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      Why not just go into and setup a refund in the service area? For example I have a referral discount setup that gives customers back $30, and that is setup in a negative.


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