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    Is it possible to print a list of all estimates, with all information, so I can have someone follow up on open estimates?

    Also, is it possible to make an estimate either accepted or denied or still open or have the ability to make some estimates "inactive"?

    We do so many estimates in a week, trying to keep them all in line is almost impossible. Once an estimate is accepted, I can turn it into an invoice, but the job is not done yet, so I can't bill it yet, I first need to turn it into an accepted estimate, then a job and assign a crew and a job date, then invoice the job once it is completed. Once I select the estimate to create an invoice, it is always still sitting as an estimate. I would assume, the estimate is accepted, turned into a job and then it should be gone from the estimate section.

    Can't I turn an estimate into a scheduled job first, prior to billing it?

    With so many estimates in the list, it is very hard to manage.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Gopher has the option of turning an estimate into an invoice. It doesn't have the ability at this time to automatically turn an estimate into a scheduled job(s) but we might add this feature in the future.

    Also, there's no way to change the status of an estimate on the estimate list or print out a list of estimates at this time.


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      Could these possibly be added to the next update (both..)? Thanks


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