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help set up snow customers please.

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  • help set up snow customers please.

    I have picked up my first snowplow customer, he has 4 locations, and needs to be billed 50% due 11-30 and 50% due 1-31... how do I set this up?

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    Gopher doesn't have a way to split a bill into two halves due on different dates. The easiest way to do this is to make two invoices. One would have an invoice date of Oct 31, with Net 30 terms (due Nov 30), and a single line item for half of the amount. The other invoice would have an invoice date of Jan 1 and contain the other 50%.


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      ok, do I still just put in the service area/ snowplowing, and the yearly total then? Is there a way to be sure at the end of the snow season that I didn't forget to bill someone part of their yearly bill, or should I create both invoices now, and print them, and just wait to send them?


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        If you want to make sure that you don't forget to bill them then you can go to the Schedule | Completed Jobs tab and add the two 50% portions right now and assign them to the appropriate date. This way they won't be assigned to an invoice via the generate invoices screen until time catches up with them.