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  • Printing Routes

    I just got the trial version and entered all my info in....How do I print my routes? *I cant figure this out, and my crews need a route list so they know where to go ! lol/

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    Generally, you would schedule each job on the Schedule screen before printing anything. This tells the crews what work needs to be done. The route list on its own doesn't provide Gopher or your crews with enough information to know what they have to do for each day.


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      well, for example, we cut 3 days a ive got "Monday Route" "Tuesday Route' and Wednesday Route"

      So how do I make this work? Do i have to drag and drop every single customer onto the day we cut them every week? That will take forever!


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        You just need to schedule each customer once and set their job up as a weekly cut. So for each of your Monday customers go to the Schedule screen and click New. You won't have to repeat this each week.