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  • Invoice page heading

    Here is my problem. After creating invoices for a customer with mulitple properties, the invoice page does not show the property it only show the company name. This makes it very difficult to determine which property the invoices are for. The only way I can tell is to open the invoices one at a time and open two more pages before I can tell what property the invoice is for. Thats a real pain. Is there any other way to handle this ?

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    Gopher does not keep track of which property an invoice is 'assigned' to. An invoice can contain line items for multiple properties. So there is no way to tell from the invoice page which property it's for without editing one of the line items and looking at the property field.


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      Thats to bad! From my point of view,without being able to ID the property (for customers with mulitple properties) on the invoice page, it negates the use of the mulitple property feature. I would perfer not to have to drill down to ID which property I am dealing with. If this is something I have to live with, then I would perfer not to set up a customer with mulitple properties.


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        Not sure if this helps.. I have a customer who I service twice a week, plus her Mom's place.

        On invoice, it prints what service was for which property and day.

        Click Name

        I have list of customer properties there in Property Discription, I put "Mon" for Monday's visit, and Address. Then I do "Thur" and address.

        In Customer menu:

        Property, I have them listed seperate, with each one having its own "Route"

        This prints out perfect for me. Billing is good too cause it shows
        Date, discription, amount for each property.

        Not sure if this is what your looking for, just thought I'd add my comment.


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          I'm not sure I understand what it is you are telling me, but I think I am doing the same thing basically. The problem I am having is not on the schedule or the customer menu.

          If you set-up a particular customer with multiple properties and you invoice each property separately, you can not tell my looking at the invoice menu which property the invoice is for. It only shows the customer name on the invoice page. I really don't buy the answer that Gopher Support supplied, after all itís a database item and if its stored somewhere, it can be retrieved and displayed.

          Thanks for your input. It is greatly appreciated.


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