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need help getting my logo on invoices

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  • need help getting my logo on invoices

    help. i don't know why i can't get the logo to print on the invoices it just stopped working. the last time i printed out invoices it worked fine. Also in the options section, everything is checked off appropriately i think , i don't know what happened
    please help!

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    Is it possible you stored your logo on a floppy disk and have since taken the disk out?

    Where do you store your logo image?


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      the logo is stored on the hard drive. It has been working fine for months and now all of a sudden it just disappeared
      any ideas??


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        Go to Options | Billing and see what it says next to the "Select Company Logo" button. You should see the location of the logo file.

        Now go into My Computer and then navigate your way to where that file is stored. Do you see it there? If so, try emailing the logo file to and we'll see if there's a problem with the image.