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  • general problems - ideas for wish list

    I have posted a few times about time sheets, I see that the posts get moved and they are put into a forum or somewhere that is not accessible from the general public or us as members. I would like to see a response and one that has some sustenance to it, not just a reply of "that would be nice in the future if enough users are interested". As we are going rapidly I need for this to do more and more, as I stated before, timesheet reports for payroll, the search feature, and we still have not been able to place our logo in on the invoices. Also the lower right corner of the invoices have the outside line removed, this looks bad to my customers.

    I now have a need to print out revenue reports and when I do the color on the pie chart is not correct. I have talked to other users of this software and they get the same problem. This looks bad when having to show this to your bank or lender. It looks as if we can not afford a good working program. I like and use this program daily, but would like to see more out of it and would like to see it work properly. If the pie chart is not going to color correctly then get rid of it. I don't care if it is there or not as long as it works and looks right. I also don't understand why on my report there is an unspecified service id. This is the most of my revenue and my customers are commercial or residential, shouldn't that be what is stated instead of unspecified?

    Please help.

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