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    I'm not sure if I am posting my question in the right board.
    Most of our lawn mowing customers on a yearly contract but I bill them monthly. We have stated in the contract that either party may terminate with 30 days written notice. What do other LCO do if the customer wants to stop service but doesn't give 30 days notice? I had a customer give us only 1 week notice. Do you still charge them for the next month? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I also have another question. We just started a promotion where if the customer signs up for a yearly contract, their 1st month is free. We don't want them to get their 1st month free and then decide to drop us. Should I stipulate that they can't cancel within the 1st 6 months or something to that extent? Not sure how to word the contract while giving 1 month free.


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    I feel 30 days is 30 days, but it also depends on when they cancel I guess. For example, if you bill monthly and they paid their June bill, and cancelled like the first week of June, then I would let them go without charging them the July bill


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