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  • matrix

    what exactly is the matrix feature on gopher , i don't know how to use it, i don;t even know what it does. HELP

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    think of it as a way to put together a daily schedule (such as for snow removal), and then all you have to do at the end of the day when you completed the schedule is go into the Matrix and mark the boxes for work that is completed.

    Like I stated above I use it for snow removal and salting. Each customer is already setup for their prices. I print out the daily schedule when I go work, and mark of what services are performed on my printed sheet. Then when I get back to the office, I open up that same Matrix, and just mark off the boxes in there for the same work that I mark on my daily schedule sheet.


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      Hi Bella,

      Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section for the Matrix here.

      There are many questions answered along with movie files to watch.

      Thank you tiedeman for helping, it's always welcomed.


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