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Square Footage Problem

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  • Square Footage Problem

    I always seem to run into this problem when entering a new customer and their square footage.

    I basically enter all of the customers information and their square footage on the "main" tab page in the customer profile area. I then make sure that the square footage has transfered over automatically to the "property" page. In which it has.

    But the problem that comes up, is when I add a service on the "service" tab page, such as fertilization, in which I already have the square footage price loaded into, it will not transfer over the square footage to calculate a price.

    Now what is strange is if I click "ok" on the window to verify the new customer (then the window closes), then open up the specific customer again, and try to add the service with the square footage, this time the square footage is finally there.

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    This quirk happens because the square footage on the customer screen isn't saved initially (for new customers) at the time that you try to add pricing. For now, the workaround is to either hit Ok and save the customer before adding the service prices. Or re-enter the square footage on the service price screen.


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      It's not a big deal, I mean all I have to do is click OK and then go back in and enter that particular customer again. I was just curious though about it. Thanks


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