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sorting columns in program, can it be done?

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  • sorting columns in program, can it be done?

    evaluating Gopher for purchase and we are stumped on what probably should be something easy to figure out.

    Entering jobs they show up in the order entered. I am trying to simply sort them alphabetically. In most windows programs you can sort the columns but I cannot figure out how to do it in Gopher2004.

    Am I missing something obvious I am missing or is it merely my own ineptitude?

    We will be addins service descriptions as we go so not being able to sort them is nearly a deal breaker for us.

    We use a naming convention that groups our services in a logical way based on similarity and customer needs.

    For example out fert applications are named FERT5K APP1, FERT5K APP2, FERT5K APP3, FERT5K APP4, FERT5K APP5

    This allows up to easily track chems, set pricing for service based on lawn size, and facilitates scheduling.

    We are leanring how to change our workflow to suit Gopher, which is a good thing becuase it compels organized approaches to scheduling, the jobs are not entered in order because we arelearning theprogram. Deleting and reentering all the jobs is a frightening prospect.

    Is there a way to sort columns? Ability to change the default width of the column would also help because some of our names are cut off and we have to resize the column everytime we open the tab

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    Are you referring to a particular screen? Many screens in Gopher have a drop-down box at the bottom to specify the sort option.


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