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more information on the chemical screen

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  • more information on the chemical screen

    Here is some information on the chemical screen's fields.

    Chemical Formulation is mainly for liquid applications. It refers to the ratio of concentrated chemical to the full amount of liquid in the tank. So if the tank contains 50 L of water+chemical and you initially put 10 mL of chemical in, the Formulation would be:
    10 mL per 50 L
    or 1 mL per 5 L
    or any similar ratio.

    Mixture amount is the amount of the tank mixture (water+chemical) that was actually applied to the property.

    Application rate is the rate at which the mixutre was applied to the property.

    Chemical amount is the amount of concentrated chemical that was used. If you applied 10 L of mixture to the property, using the ratio of 1 mL per 5L (from the Chemical Formulation) the program would calculate that you used 2 mL of concentrated chemical on the property.

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