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    I sometimes see that people get frustrated with the Gopher program, but I will tell you the best way to handle Gopher to get started right with lawn maintenance

    1. Get your customers loaded

    2. Get your services loaded with prices.

    2. Then go back and get your customers individual prices loaded for their particular services

    3. Then schedule your services for the entire year for regular customers in advance. This is less headache, and already since you have the prices loaded in the customers you do not have to go back put in the amount after the work is completed.

    This to me, is the best way to start out using Gopher,simple and easy. After that, expand into different areas such as the Matrix, setting up chemicals for fertilizations, equipment maintenance, etc. Start small and slow, and work from there

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    Good post Tiedeman. That's the way I did it, It also helps you to understand how the program is working for you. Start small and grow with it.


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