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Multi User Envoriment?

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  • Multi User Envoriment?

    Can Gopher be used in a setting where 2 or more people can be useing the same database at the same time?

    If so do i just create a share set the correct file security tell all copy's of gopher to use \\server\gopher\databasefile?

    Please let me know

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    Hi Brent Thumlert,

    We sent you an email on this.


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      Send me an email on how to do it also, trying to network my laptop and destop together.


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        Hi Yardman1,

        Gopher can be set up to handle that configuration. However, it was not designed to handle mulitple users entering data at the same time (e.g. you won't see much of the other user's data entry until your session or transaction restarts). It's ideal for a business owner who has two computers and mainly uses one at a time for data entry. To access the data on another computer you must have a Gopher shortcut on your
        desktop whose target looks like this:

        program_path local_fullpath_to_filename_on_server server_ip_address

        for example:
        "C:\Program Files\Ditech\Gopher 2003\Gopher2003.exe" "C:\Program Files\Ditech\Gopher

        Remember though, if you are trying to network your desktop and laptop with your data residing on your desktop, when you take your laptop off the network you will have no data on your laptop and you will get an error.
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          Is there anyway that you can have it on both computers with a network and not loose you data, and keep them both updated. If that made any sense.


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            Hi Yardman1,

            If they are always going to be on the network then the above information will be fine. If you are going to plug into a network and then unplug from a network you might be better off just backing up the data from one and restoring it to the other.
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              Hello tech support,

              Here is what I want to do, I just got a laptop (notebook) I already have gopher 2004 on our desk top and I was wanting to primarly use the laptop (notebook) for business, not sure if it will be easier or not. I do I transfer Gopher 2004 to my notebook (laptop) with out loosing everything. I do have the computers networked using a router. But in chance that I ever do get a vacation I will have to bring the schedule along with me.

              Thanks in advance,
              Jennifer Hernandez


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                Hi cuacua3 ,

                Please review this Frequently Asked Questions page.

                There are a bunch of posts on how to transfer your data.

                If this doesn't help and you are still stuck. Let me know.


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                  I still do can't find the way to network them. I was wondering if It might be easier if I took everything from desktop and transfered it to my laptop. Could you send me instructions on both.

                  Thanks again,



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                    Hi Cuacua3,

                    If you want to transfer your data from one computer to the other, my previous post will help you back up your data and then restore it to the new computer.

                    If you want to network Gopher, the instructions are above in the post to Yardman1.


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                      Yes, well non of that worked. I would be happy just networking them with my router, but, nothing is happing. Any ideas.


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                        1) Are you getting any error messages? If so can you post the message?
                        2) Are you trying to configure Gopher to run over a network?
                        2a) Did you run the setup file for Gopher on both computers?
                        2b) Did you create a shortcut icon on your "client" computer?
                        2c) Can you copy-and-paste the value of the "target" field from the client computer's shortcut icon? (right-click on the the icon, go to properties and you'll see the target)


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