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  • Track job time

    We are trying to track labor history by job.

    When we enter labor time on the labor tab of a completed job, we do not "click" the copy to billing button since this changes our flat rate price to zero.

    After we enter the labor hours, we click OK. We thought we would see labor hours in the customer history but do not.

    What are we doing wrong?

    Thanks for the help.

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    You can view the labor history for a job by editing an individual invoice line item. That information does not currently appear on the customer history report.


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      Thanks for the quick response. It helps a little bit.

      WE (& I bet many others) need to look at a history summary or average periodically when it is time to review pricing, renewals, etc.

      Can you help us?



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        Hi thill,

        Could you tell us what in particular you would like to see? That would help us.


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          Total hrs. and # of employees,

          start time
          end time
          number of employees

          that way if you have 3 emp. for 45.min it would show 2.25 Hr


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            I was trying the same thing, sometimes I will have only one labor and sometimes two or three. The reason will be that on a certain job I know that I will have extra work so the added crew mmembers go for the day and I would like to be able to view if I had a decrease in time on any particular job. Also I am trying to justify pricing.


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              is this being looked at? I think it would be a great tool to have.


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                Yes this is another area of Gopher we plan on expanding in the future. Thank you for the suggestions on how to do this.

                I will lock this post and move it to our wish list section, so it doesn't get lost in the tech questions area.