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    1. I have started different lawn care packages which group ferts, aerations, mowing, etc I still have to set pricing up for each service seperately, or can i schedule the services, and bill the customer like "April silver service: $249.00"

    2. I have some customers pre-paying in full this year, I will not need to invoice them at all. How can I stop their invoices from being created? and do I just enter the prices for each service and the total paid, and just let it all catch up, or go to the first question basically, and create a service called prepaid, bill the customer once for the year, and enter the payment?

    Hope that made sense, the 4 am questions get a little wordy! LOL

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    I can answer question one for you. *If you are billing the customers on a flat monthly rate of $249.00, just set them up in the auto billing feature in the customer section. *I use that a lot. *Then when you schedule their services, just put their service price at $0.00

    The second question, just schedule the customer in for the year, but don't put prices in their services since they pre-paid. *What happens then when you generate the invoices, invoices with no balances will not be shown up to be printed. But you can still view that invoice in the paid, or all invoice tab area. *

    Also, just if they are just pre-paying for the year, and you want an invoice for the year, just go into invoice area, and create a new invoice for the pre-pay.


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