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Using Customer Specific Prices

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  • Using Customer Specific Prices

    Question from Lawnmaster:

    Quote[/b] ]I want to be able to customize each customer's price per cut and not have to go in and individually enter each customer and price each week. Can I put the prices in to automatically come up for each particular customer and then when I hit "cut, trim, edge" description their price for that will come up?
    My first question is are you using the schedule feature? Because if you are, you can schedule in these jobs once and mark them complete throughout the year without having to enter prices each time.

    Next I would suggest reviewing How to use the service section video here.
    It will show you how to create customer specific prices.

    Thirdly I would suggest if you are not using the schedule festure of Gopher, please consider using the Matrix feature. It would save you a lot of time. Review how to use the Matrix in this video here.
    The video shows you how to use it for snow plowing but you could change that to use it for anything else.

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