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    Can a change be made in the Invoicing Program to say "Credit" instead of having it show in perenthis ( )??

    I have customers that over pay on some months. On the next month invoice it shows "Amount Due" in perenthis instead of 0.0 at the top of the invoice. Same at the bottom of the description section of the invoice. Can a change be made to the invoice program to have the word credit show up where the words "Amount Due" are now displayed?? Its confusing to customers to see perenthis because they don't know what it means. I take the time to wright the word Credit on an invoice just so I don't have to waste time answering a phone call. Thanks....


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    Hi gene gls,

    That is a great idea and I would like to see that in a future update. For now, just a thought but maybe could this be explained to your customers in the invoice message section on the options | invoice message?
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