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    I have been a subscriber for over a year and a half. I recently had computer failure and lost all data on gopher 2004. In the past, I never had a problem running gopher software. Now, I recently entered all customer, service, and invoice information as I had to start completely over. Never before did I have to save the information. I could just close the program, shut down the computer and retrieve when necessary. Today, after entering all valuable information, I simply closed out, shut down for a moment and upon powering up and opening updated gopher 2004, I showed an error screen which I had to close out several times before displaying the gopher homepage. Upon clicking on customer, I HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! What do I need to do to solve this ongoing, miserable experience?

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    Hi Matt,

    Try resetting your computer.
    Then run Gopher in the user you logged into windows as.
    If the data still isn't there, go to Options on the lower left of your computer and then click on the database tab at top. See if Gopher is being directed to your database.
    Most likely located
    C:\Program Files\Ditech\Gopher 2003\gopher2003.gdb
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