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    I have had a terrible issue w/ this trial version. Twice when I have opened my Gopher, as it is intializing an unavailable database box appears and I click Ok and reappears 3 or 4 more times and then the trial version opens and all the information that I have entered is no longer there (which has taken quite a bit of time to input and I also sent out all bills for last month with this software and lost all info)
    1. is there any way of retrieving this info
    2. it seems the problem occurs when the computer is shut down and then restarted

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    Hi Mike,

    I think the issue is related to logging into windows as one user and then switching to another before running Gopher.
    So please make sure that the first user who logs into windows is the account with which you'll be running Gopher.

    If that doesn't resolve it. Try redirecting your database. Go to Options at the bottom left of your screen and then click on the database tab. Redirect it to the location below.

    Possibly here
    C:\Program Files\Ditech\Gopher 2003\GOPHER2003.GDB

    Let us know if this resolves the issue.
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      OK, Whew. Found Info on other user, still don't know how to get it back to my side though. but glad it is not lost. I will be giving your software a shot this year and I appreciate the quick response.


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