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  • lawnmail

    Do you guys know if and when you will get lawnmail up and running again? I would really love to use this

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    We are working on a new version of Lawnmail. It is being completely overhauled and rebuilt from the ground up. So let us know which features and services are most important to you.

    We haven't announced when it will be available yet but you'll hear about it here first.


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      Quote[/b] (Gopher Support @ Dec. 22 2005,6:32)]So let us know which features and services are most important to you.
      1)Ability to add paypal button. 2)Email link for customers to email any questions. 3)customer info update section, so customer can fill in new phone #'s, email addresses etc (it doesn't need to auto update, it could just send an email of change). 4) stats to let us know if customers are using the log in page. 5) ability for customer to change login and password. 6) remain free

      Gopher have you checked out QB billing solutions? You might find some good ideas from it. It is a service I am contemplating if lawnmail does not come back by start of next season.


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        Thanks for the suggestions. We're aware of the other online services like the one for Quickbooks. We just want to make sure we focus on the most important features for the initial roll-out and then add more with each phase of development.


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          I have used QB before, both the free one and the paid one. The free one is basically allow you to email the invoices and receive payments online. The paid one, lets you know when the customer opened and viewed it.

          I would like to be able to email invoices more than having customers pay them online. I have about a dozen customers right now that like their invoices emailed to them.


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            Hi tiedeman,

            Remember you could do that now by printing your invoices to a pdf file and then emailing that to your clients.

            Just a thought until we are able to further update this area
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              I never thought about that before.


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                I PDF and email quite a few of my invoices. My customers love it, it saves trees, and since they get the invoice faster, I get paid faster! Just wish there was a way to accept payments online that didnt cost so darn much in fees...


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