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  • input check numbers

    I receive checks from customers and cannot input them into the software. It gives me a message that the number I am inputting is not valid.. The number is a large number 2801021237 these are commercial customers and I receive checks like this all of the time and need to input the correct number not a variation.

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    The check number field is stored using a numeric field which has a limit of something like 2 billion. It wasn't designed to handle check numbers beyond this limit. However, we have heard from multiple users that this is an issue and we're working to change the field from a numeric field to a string so that Gopher can handle those larger check numbers.


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      So how long is it going to be befrore this issue is updated?

      On another issue, I have gone into the options field and chose to insert logo, the address for the logo appears in the area next to the choose logo button, but no logo appears on the invoices or estimate pages. I tried to get this done by not having the name and address in this field and with the name and address in the field, niethere way seemed to get a logo to appear. Can there be a name and address and a logo at the same time?


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        I have a similar issue with cheque ( Australian Spelling)numbers. When I put a cheque number that starts with "000012345" the software truncates the numbers to "12345" Maybe changing to a text field might be a solution.


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          Have not received information on the check number problem. This is something that is of very importance to me as two of my customers use large numbered checks and I connot input the numbers in the provided field.


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            Support for long check numbers has not been implemented yet but we do plan on adding it. However, because this feature requires significant changes to multiple sections of the program it's too early to say when it will be available.