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    While using a 3.5" perforated paper and changing the billing value for the dotted line to 3.6 to meet the actual 3.5" perforation perfectly, Gopher prints 2 invoices. *1 is the actual invoice and the other is normal but no line items - almost like a continuation of the first invoice. *Anyway is there a way to fix this? *Can the dotted line be raised to a true 3.5 inches or can I omit your dotted line and have it included on my custom invoice.
    Thank you!

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    Hi grounded,

    Is it possible that the invoice line item description has a bunch of blank spaces within it that would cause the invoice to print on two pages?
    Go into the invoice and edit the line items. See if you are able to delete any blank spaces after the last word.
    Maybe this will take care of it.
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