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How to ungenerate invoices

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  • How to ungenerate invoices

    A common Problem.

    If you are new to using Gopher, a common situation that happens is you set up some customers, do some scheduled work, mark the jobs complete and then generate. You do this again the next week and throughout the month. At the end of the month you have multiple invoices for one customer when you only wanted one invoice per customer.


    For example say you have multiple invoices for your customers and you only want one invoice per customer, go to the invoice page. Make sure you are on the Invoice section of Gopher and choose the appropriate tab at top, possibly ALL INVOICES. Then you can highlight the invoice you want to ungenerate by left clicking on it.

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    Then right click your mouse and left click on Ungenerate Invoice.


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      What if you have many invoices you want to ungenerate?
      You can highlight multiple invoice by doing one of two things. If you want to highlight all your invoices, the easiest way is to left click on the first invoice, then hold the SHIFT key down, scroll down to your last invoice and left click on it. If you did this properly you will see all the invoices highlighted and you will then be able to right click on them and choose ungenerate invoices and it will ungenerate all the invoices you highlighted.

      If you want to ungenerate many invoices but be able to pick and choose which ones you can also hold down the CTRL key and left click on all the invoices you want to ungenerate. If you hightlight one in error, simply click on it again and it will unhighlight it.

      Once you have ungenerated the invoices you chose, you can now click on the generate button and recompile all those completed jobs into one invoice per customer.


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        The invoice line items that have been ungenerated go back to the Schedule page, Completed Jobs tab. They are highlighted here for this example in blue.


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